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    Welcome to Shandong Kejiaxun Medical Technology Co., Ltd!

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Medical sealing machine

KJX100 Medical sealing machine

Key Features :
●Using PID temperature control, temperature control can be achieved accuracy ± 1%,Operating Temperature: 60 ~ 220 ℃ arbitrarily set; 
●high-speed heating design, room temperature ~ 180 ℃ temperature just 40 seconds; 
●using floating constant pressure lamination system designed to meet the paper and plastic bags,

paper bags and paper bags three-dimensional sealing needs; 
● advanced flat ceramic heating elements can be dry, high temperature, long life, high thermal efficiency;
Technical Parameters :
●sealing speed 10m/min; take the paper auto-sensing control. Power supply: 220V 50Hz ;
●seal pattern width 12mm; Power: 500W ;
l seal strength in line YY / T 0698.5-2009's requirements; Dimensions: 490 × 260 × 136 (mm) ;
l seal left side 0 ~ 35mm adjustable; Weight: 15kg ;


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