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Paper bags

Paper bags

●Suitable for hospital disinfection supply center, theater and other clinical departments require sterile packaging.
●Mainly used for light and medium-weight equipment, appliances and items waiting for sterilized medical device packaging
Materials and features:
●French Medical ARJO the paper (60g / m), polypropylene (PP) an adhesive layer, a polyester (PET) is made
● Indicates identity with a steam sterilization, ethylene oxide
●Bacterial resistance, waterproof, dustproof, anti-alcohol, breathable
●Flag has a tear direction, easy to operate
●Identification with the production process, to achieve traceability
●Compliance with sterile barrier system (SBS) requirements
●Standards compliantISO11607-1, -2EN868-5CE, etc.
●items to be packaged according to size, select sterile tube adapted to the width and length of the bag,sealing machine is set up not to print a medical condition, will be sterile tube with one end sealed with sealing machine,and then sterilized items into bag, sterilized items should be suitable for the sterilization bag sealing length,otherwise sterilized bag burst phenomenon may occur.
● Note To properly shaped and sharp objects placed under the special conditions of the instrument to be used to protect the jacket, so as to ensure sterilization duct tape will not break, to ensure safe use.
● Set the print parameters good sealer as needed, and then sealed     sterile bag, then seal the print sterilization time position,failure information dates, number of pots and pans operator inferior relevant settings.
●  into the steam or ethylene oxide sterilization equipment sterilization,    and pay attention to the sealed tube after sterilization bags correctly    placed.
● sterilization process to confirm discoloration: before steam sterilization    is blue, grayish black after sterilization; prior to ethylene oxide sterilizati  on is pink, brown after sterilization.
●In use, the peeling direction indicated by the sterilization bag opened to remove the articles.


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