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Industry Information

    Demand, Current Situation and Development Trend of Intelligent Medical Sealer

    As we all know, the comprehensive application of emerging technologies, especially digital technology, the completion of the hospital aseptic items throughout the process of traceability management, is already popular, the general trend.

    Hospital sterilization supply room sealing work is an important part of retrospective management, so to meet the requirements of the medical tracings back to work as a high-level hospitals to purchase a large hospital equipment rigid requirements. This is the development of high-end medical sealing machine pointed out the direction of development: to trace and intelligent. Increasing market demand for intelligent medical sealing machine provides an excellent opportunity for development.

    High-end intelligent medical sealing machine can simultaneously print content and network storage retrospective, you can easily deal with retrospective information processing (including printing and long pass) work. Currently on the market the vast majority of medical sealing machine does not have such a function. Faced with such a status quo, Yifeng put a huge human, material and financial resources, can be traced back to the intelligent medical sealing machine for systematic research and development, and achieved good results. Currently Yifeng EF101-T-type sealing machine on behalf of the best development of the highest level of medical sealing machine, put on the market quickly gained the user's trust.

    Information, humanization, intelligent medical sealing machine has become the future trend of development, which coincides with the development of today's civilian electronic devices coincide. In today's information society, the establishment of the hospital trace system for the development of intelligent medical sealing machine provides an excellent opportunity for development, intelligent medical sealing machine is full of bright future.


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