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Industry Information

    Medical sealing machine opportunities China's medical device market is developing rapidly

    With the advance of urbanization and the arrival of the aging era, as well as the deepening of medical and health system reform, China's medical device industry is facing more new opportunities. According to PharmaLive consulting firm's survey, the next 5-7 years, China will replace Japan as the world's second largest medical device market. By 2015, China's medical device industry will reach about 190 billion yuan of sales. Medical sealing machine companies will also receive unprecedented opportunities.

    It is understood that, in the country 17.5 million medical and health institutions have medical equipment and equipment, about 15% of the 20th century, 70 years before and after the production of products, 60% of the mid-1980s before the production of products, medical Equipment replacement demand will stimulate the next few years the rapid growth of China's medical device market. PharmaLive consulting firm, according to analysts predict that the next few years, China's medical device market compound growth rate will remain at 20% to 30%. In 2050, China's share of the world medical device market will reach 25%.


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