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    The future development of pharmaceutical packaging industry prospects

    With the rapid development of China's pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical packaging industry has gained a huge living space. To keep up with the pace of international counterparts, seize the opportunity to establish consistent with the needs of the times the packaging concept has become the top priority of the local pharmaceutical industry.

    Drug packaging and the gap between developed countries

    According to Ji Wei, director of the Shanghai Pharmaceutical Packaging and Testing Institute, high-speed, low efficiency, high consumption of extensive growth is typical of the development of China's pharmaceutical packaging, the majority of domestic pharmaceutical product packaging quality and developed countries there is a big gap.

    At present, China's 65% of the pharmaceutical packaging products also failed to reach the level of developed countries in the 1980s; packaging quality and packaging of the contribution rate of the pharmaceutical industry is low. In developed countries, pharmaceutical packaging accounts for 30% of the value of drugs, while the proportion of China is less than 10%. Among them, the larger domestic pharmaceutical packaging enterprises, although in equipment and foreign gap is not big, but in the software environment is not satisfactory.

    It is understood that the gap caused by three main reasons: First, the overall level of China's pharmaceutical industry is low, the pharmaceutical production technology is relatively backward. China's pharmaceutical companies more than the number, but small-scale, serious duplication of production, enterprise management level is low. Second, the long-term medical products to hospital sales, drug sales in pharmacies accounted for only a small part of the total, enterprises naturally difficult to reform in the packaging from top to bottom, long-term maintenance of the old face of medical packaging. Finally, medical packaging machinery and equipment and materials, the technical level of backward, the quality of employees is not strong, but also restricts the development of China's pharmaceutical packaging industry.

    Should pay attention to packaging design

    Pharmaceutical packaging design is an easily overlooked link. According to Ji Wei introduction, medical packaging design to consider two factors, one is security, the other is the national characteristics. China's pharmaceutical packaging design, there are still many problems, such as the use of drug names and batch number is not standardized, drug use and quality standards do not match the terminology used is not standardized, excessive packaging of drugs, no instructions, no national characteristics, and National cultural and aesthetic needs of the public does not match. China Packaging Technology Association Packaging and Printing Committee Secretary-General Chen Qixiang that the pharmaceutical packaging design should also pay attention to human nature, should pay attention to simple and practical, easy to operate and so on. But the current domestic pharmaceutical packaging design a large part and did not consider these links. These are the medical packaging enterprises must pay attention to and solve the reality of the title of the title to seize the opportunity to achieve the development of China's medical system with the deepening of reform, medical packaging backward situation will undergo a fundamental change. At present, China is constantly introducing and updating of pharmaceutical packaging machinery and materials, pharmaceutical packaging industry will show a new situation. In addition, the diversification of pharmaceutical products to the pharmaceutical packaging industry has also brought opportunities in recent years, China's solid-type drugs such as capsules, injections, external patch packaging updates very quickly, the use of disposable plastic syringes to the injection and application of packaging To major changes, infusion packaging improvement is also moving in the composite flexible packaging bags and plastic bottles in the direction of development.

    According to the United States Flexible Packaging Association reported that in 2003, the world's basic packaging needs of pharmaceutical products increased by 4.2%, the total output value of about 11.2 billion US dollars. In the next five years, pharmaceutical packaging will gradually develop into the second largest soft packaging industry growth. Experts believe that in order to seize this opportunity, China's pharmaceutical packaging should do the following:

    First, to accelerate the application of oral liquid plastic containers;

    Second, to speed up the development of Chinese medicine, plastic hollow container packaging, should be more use hdpe, pp, pet, pen and other materials, and injection molding process using plastic hollow containers. In the hollow container mouth using aluminum foil electromagnetic induction gasket seal, in order to enhance the safety of the drug protection, at the same time, accelerate the application of traditional Chinese medicine, plastic composite film bag packaging.

    It should be said that the pharmaceutical packaging in the next few years will have a rapid development, good prospects, large space.

    How to seize this opportunity is worthy of China's pharmaceutical packaging enterprises to think about the title of the title of the title. Ji Wei believes that first of all to enhance the company's research and development capabilities, improve the grade of packaging materials. After the pharmaceutical enterprise giants will implement the Group of procurement, which is a packaging materials business is a serious challenge, it requires drug packaging enterprises to look far, the implementation of going out, stand the development strategy; enterprises should establish their own team, Research and development of new materials, new products, to create their own property rights of the packaging products, take the fine packaging, green packaging.


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