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    Medical equipment sterilization packaging

    According to the medical device packaging industry in the United States well-known enterprises in China Bemis head Jiao Fei According to the Medical Device Industry Association of statistical data, it is estimated that the current domestic market capacity should be about 0.5 billion US dollars.

        But the fact is that medical equipment, sterile packaging for most soft package plant is a relatively unfamiliar topic. In the field of medical device packaging, specializing in product design, specializing in sterilization process, but few specialized research product packaging.

        Current Status of Sterilization Packaging of Medical Devices

        In general, sterilization packaging of medical device products refers to the initial packaging of products, that is, direct contact with the product and constitute part of the barrier barrier of micro-organisms; medical equipment sterilization packaging material is the main material of plastic bags (Poly Pouch) Forming film (Form-Filled Film) and so on. Medical equipment products require very high packaging materials, in addition to meet the conventional protection and isolation from the external environment of the basic packaging performance, more emphasis on the continued stability of material properties, as well as from the sterilization requirements and extended from the sterilization method , The microbial barrier property of the material and the non-toxicity.

         In the recently concluded "Medical Device Sterilization and Packaging Symposium", the majority of medical device industry participants (most of whom are responsible for quality and system certification of quality management) mentioned the problem also shows that their grasp of Knowledge of the packaging of the product is lacking. In addition, from the government responsible for the medical device business certification and audit professionals also believe that the knowledge of enterprises in this area is lacking or even blank, and expressed the need for more sterilization packaging training to improve the industry's overall packaging products Water products.

        Sterilization of medical equipment packaging market yet to be opened

        Medical equipment products are different from the ordinary industrial products, because it is a matter of life-saving, product packaging sloppy, must make the product packaging in line with the relevant national laws and regulations to ensure product quality, continuous stability and safety , Can be listed for sale.

        But in the domestic packaging industry system, the medical device packaging is ignored, many people in the packaging industry may be more familiar with the drug packaging, because the drug packaging materials and methods and food packaging is very similar, but the medical equipment packaging and Drug packaging is the two have a great gap in the process and the concept of materials, so the current domestic packaging industry unfamiliar.

        It is understood that the medical device industry within the industry because of independence, the product packaging made a high demand. In the current medical equipment sterilization packaging is relatively stalemate, supply and demand imbalance in the market, from the medical device industry, the growing demand for sterilization packaging products. This undoubtedly for the medical device packaging market provides an opportunity for warming.

        Set foot in medical equipment sterilization packaging

        According to statistics, the beginning of positioning in the medical device packaging companies are very young, the scale is not large. Most of the well-known medical device packaging suppliers are from the food or other industrial packaging field transfer, especially in the field of food packaging, because they and medical equipment packaging is the most similar, and therefore most likely to have the possibility of such a transfer , The last success, such as the medical device packaging industry's most well-known US companies Bemis, Amcor Australia and Finland's Wihuri Group's Wipak companies. Now these companies have entered the Chinese market, the way to the Office of medical equipment packaging materials sales business, but not in the country set up factories, the sales of products for foreign production.

        Domestic medical device packaging enterprises (including Taiwan enterprises), from the traditional packaging field transferred from the well-known Baobo Group, and many of the medical equipment business is an extension of self-development, which is well-known Shanghai Kangdelai Group, Dongguan Of the Chun Tin packaging and Henan camel people group.

        Open up several major elements of the market attention

        Relative to food packaging, medical equipment packaging on the sealing requirements higher, because generally used to heat sealing packaging materials are plastic film and coated paper, and sealing the integrity, integrity and strength has a very stringent requirements, There are strict test standards to test; and food packaging is relatively simple a lot of commonly used heat sealing material is a plastic film on the film, or add some auxiliary vacuum or inert gas filling process, but the sealing quality Not very strict requirements.

        On the domestic medical equipment packaging enterprises, foreign advanced packaging materials and equipment into the domestic market for its product packaging to enhance the grade provides a solid foundation. But the problem can not be ignored is that exports of developed countries use good packaging products, while the products sold in the domestic market is sloppy. For example, the export of syringes to the United States all need plastic packaging bags, but the domestic market sales of more than 80% of the syringes is used ordinary LDPE bag packaging, these two packaging efficiency and effectiveness of EO sterilization has a lot of Of the gap; there are some domestic product packaging may also use PVC film or plastic box, but in developed countries which is banned.

        Domestic production and sales of one or two types of low-end, low-value medical device products, the packaging cost of its total cost of 5% to 30% is reasonable, and domestic production of foreign sales of products due to freight and the subsidiary protection packaging Requirements of the increase, the total cost of packaging (including freight) may account for the total cost of 10% to 40%, even more than 50% of the extreme. The three types of products because of their high value, although the packaging requirements are very strict, the cost is also high, but the overall cost ratio but lower, generally can be controlled within 5%. This is bound to also be involved in packaging for medical device packaging companies to provide a favorable entry point.

        Now the medical device manufacturers gradually formed the point of view, the most expensive packaging cost is the packaging failure, because the medical device product fault recovery system, the manufacturer of the product to be responsible for the recovery and compensation for the resulting loss . This will lead to a serious loss of the manufacturer's reputation, or even bankruptcy. So if the packaging problem because the product was asked to return the product, it is worth the candle.


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