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After - sales service commitment

    The company firmly implement the "quality first, the customer first" approach, and pursuing an "honest and trustworthy," the purpose, and actively introduce advanced technology and equipment at home and abroad, increase investment in quality management, enhance staff quality awareness, and continuously improve product design Quality, process quality and assembly quality, excellent performance, excellent quality, elaborate manufacturing, excellence, accelerate the upgrading of enterprises in the new form of management level. To this end, our company to the user as follows a full range of service commitments:

    First, pre-sale services

     According to user requirements, to provide product design and consulting services, to provide users with the most economical, most reasonable and most feasible program.

    Second, the sale of services

     1. Training for users of the relevant product instructions and technical, business knowledge, so that users grasp the product before commissioning the performance characteristics to ensure product safety put into operation.

     2. To ensure the delivery of product performance parameters, quality in line with applicable industry standards, national standards and contract requirements.

     3. To ensure delivery of products after passing inspection before leaving the factory, without inspection or inspection of substandard products will never leave the factory.

     4. Ensure that the instructions, labels and packaging of the delivered product conform to the relevant national regulations.

    Three. After-sales service

     1. The company's products factory warranty for one year, life-long maintenance.

     2. The company manufactured products to provide spare parts, the product during the warranty period due to improper use of artificial or other external causes of failure, our company provides free maintenance, materials used and accessories are only the cost price.

     3. The company's products to track the factory, in the event of quality problems or adverse events, immediately reported to the provisions and timely treatment.

     4. To provide users with long-term warm and thoughtful consulting services, Insider, emergency response services. During the warranty period, the company to provide users with free technical support and technical advice, free software upgrades.

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